about the club

Edmonton City Club

a tradition of camaraderie

The Edmonton City Club is a destination where membership nurtures their unique bond of relationships, experiences and activities forged through fellowship and tempered with response for the enduring value of the Club’s 70-year history.

the premiere club for today’s lifestyle

The origin of Edmonton City Club can be traced back to 1950 when a group of prominent businessmen founded Edmonton Petroleum Club. As the needs of the membership changed, the Club’s building was sold in 2014. Since that point in time, the Board has dedicated itself to the establishment of a new Club. Designed with respect for the traditions of the past, the new Edmonton City Club emerged as the destination to meet the lifestyle needs of members, now and in the future.

edmonton city club board of directors

Anthony Nelson – President
Jane McDade – Vice President
Adam Guiney – Secretary / Treasurer

Dwayne Johnson
Keith Eric Johnson
Randy Olson
Charles Parker
Chad Tomlinson

formerly known as edmonton petroleum club

Telephone 708.474.3411